Customize Default Pelican Theme

I wanted to customize the default theme of Pelican but didn't want to copy single template files or to edit the files in the python path.

In the docs you can find how you install, remove and list themes [1]

pelican-themes -v -l

You'll get some output like this


So what I did:

  1. Go to your root blog folder
  2. Then copy the complete "<span class="n">notmyidea</span>" folder to your current pelican root folder
# Create themes folder
mkdir themes
# Copy the folder
cp -R /home/tim/.virtualenvs/pelican-blog/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pelican/themes/notmyidea themes/
  1. After it you have to define in your a theme variable THEME. [2] What gets linked to the copied theme folder!
THEME = "themes/notmyidea"
  1. Now you are in the state to customize the default template to your style.

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