Upgrading CyanogenMod or any other Android ROM on an encrypted Nexus 4 device

I got a following problem that I was not be able to update my phone from my recovery mode. I'm using ClockworkMod.

So I searched around the web and found a very easy way to update my Nexus 4

  1. Connect your Nexus with the USB cabel with your computer
  2. Download the CyanogenMod package you want to install, from http://get.cm/?device=mako
  3. Boot the recovery mode
  4. Navigate to install zip
  5. Navigate then to insall zip from sideload
  6. You need now the Android Platform Tools
  7. Open your terminal now
  8. Type now "adb sideload cyanogenmod.zip" (cyanogenmod.zip is the downloaded package from the second step)
  9. After it reboot you phone

Bonus Tip: * If you have problems with the Wifi on your Nexus 4 try the WifiFix from kalo86 on the same way what is describe in points above

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